Wednesday, June 2, 2021

New Blogger.. Help!!


    I will admit, firstly that I in fact have no idea what I am doing. I scroll through Pinterest every night looking for ideas, and insight and guys I have to tell you that I just go to bed more lost than ever. There are many days where I think yeah I will NEVER get there. I see many blogs on Pinterest that are super successful, and bloggers willing to show their secrets, insight, and knowledge. I get super excited! Then I get super depressed LOL. I want to get out of my comfort zone and that is my reasoning for starting a blog and researching in-depth to hopefully start a Shopify e-commerce store. I have been a single parent for as long as I can remember, only working jobs that barely made ends meet. I said "FINALLY!!!" people like me owning their sh*t and making their own money on their own time!  

I guess regardless of where this takes me, I want to be able to have people relate to me, I want people who are just like me, new to this with no passive income just yet to be able to break through the barrier of fear. Right now, I still work a very stressful job, and frankly, it does not pay me enough to cover my car note! On top of that, I multi-app between doing Doordash and UberEats. I do not have a problem with being a courier except the impending doom that my car will give out one day, and I'll be forced to figure something else out. 

But with that aside the delivery gig is at times super rewarding, I get surprise UNICORNS and I have Reddit to thank for that LOL. (Also declining those pesky $3 orders) Haha. 

Getting back on track, I am just a regular 26-year-old single mother of two doing whatever I have to do to make a livable and comfortable life for my children. I am a huge procrastinator, to say the least, and I can talk myself out of anything good for myself due to fear or hesitancy. But I am TIRED, TIRED of going through the same old motions, only to end up back where I was. Or trying to get ahead only to have some disaster push me 20 steps back. 😠😠😠

    I refuse to be defeated though, and I am thankful for new days because it gives me a chance to find my purpose and embalm my print into the world. 💋

    • LASTLY,  Understanding my previous post and a more in-depth explanation of my aspiration and brand "Holistyc.Lyfe" will resume in my next entry, I will get into the diet portion of what that means to me and how I use it in my everyday life. 
Stay Tuned!