Sunday, March 13, 2022

Juggling Work Stress & Relief

    I recently went through a stressful situation at work where I was put in a bad position. There were minimal notes and communication about the position in question, but that was not an excuse enough since I would still need to act in some way. In my head, there was no logical reason my boss would want me to evict a long-term guest at 10:45pm regardless of the complaint made that got me in this mess. My stomach flips, anxiety running high. I am frozen. I cannot move and cannot continue doing my other work responsibilities, and at this point; I am calculating my money, bills, and monthly expenses because I am certain this will be my last day working. 

    I have been put in stressful situations here before, but this one was different because it seemed the reason was no longer professional. I felt like it would be a battle between making my boss happy and following my morals. Not only was it late, and the office was about to close, but this long-term guest also happened to be disabled. I understand business, but it seemed funny that this decision was made so late and I was the only employee on the clock at the time. 

    We all have those days where we are pushed to a point at work and we say forget this!! I mean, just look around, everyone is dealing with hardships, if it is not worth the stress and if it does not pay enough to deal with the stress load then staying there is almost comical. For others, the problem is money and staying afloat, and with limited opportunities available there sometimes are no options to put mental health first. I have young children, and I do not like to be impulsive about a choice that would not only affect me but would affect them as well, so being able to provide a piece of stability for them is important enough for me to make sacrifices. 

 I had to decide because I was not going to work for a company or a boss that expected me to be obedient in exchange for me ignoring all morals. I knew that what I was about to do would and or could cause me to lose my job, but I said "forget this!" I took a deep breath and practiced in my head what I was going to say so it sounded stern and meaningful but not out of line. I sent the text with very little regret; it was time for me to stand up for myself. In almost two years I have never called in or arrived late, and my loyalty deserved something decent. I see often when an employee puts themselves in a position of self-worth, they are usually told that they are replaceable. Understanding that was exactly why I was scared to step out of my comfort zone and speak up for myself. My job is also different than big companies, and management has been screwed in more ways than one with past employees. There is always something going on, someone quits, someone's fired, someone stole, someone is hiding. I was going to take what they needed the most and play it against them so I would no longer be put in a position where I would be expected to do something I was not comfortable with. I know what they needed, and wanted because I have been through it just as much as they have. They needed good, trustworthy, reliable employees. I could be that, but I refused to be used in a manner that I was not paid hourly for. 

After the stress, suspense, and fear, my night turned out just fine. I clocked out extremely late, but my position stayed intact. Fear sometimes is the only thing holding a person back. Getting out of one's comfort zone knocks that fear down a bit, making it a lot easier to do something in its entirety. 

Work is a necessity; it is not always about leaving and quitting when things get tough. I knew I could not afford to just act out and quit. If living costs don't choke you and you can afford to find a better job, then that is what is best for you. Whatever helps in giving you peace of mind in the workforce is a healthy goal since most of us spend most of our time at work.

Find your relief.

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