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King Arthur Knight’s Tale is a brand-new RPG game with challenging turn-based combat. Often you would be required to make use of various facilities to survive. You can unlock and build various buildings in Camelot that can provide you with these facilities. The Hospice is one such useful building that you can unlock to add convenience to your Gameplay. Just like the Merchant building, the Hospice is an essential building that you must unlock. The Hospice would allow your characters to take a break and restore their HP which would make them ready and fired up for the next battle. So, in this guide, we will discuss some of the best Hospice upgrades in King Arthur Knight’s Tale that would improve the facilities this building has to offer.

Hospice is one of the buildings that you can find in Camelot, you can access the Hospice building on the map of Avalon when you are not in the middle of combat. The Hospice building is a refreshing spot for your characters, The building consists of beds to rest on and healers that would restore your character’s health. Unlocking the Hospice is essential because restoring your health is necessary before you head in for a difficult battle. While you’re at it, why not read our King Arthur Knight’s Tale Tips to master combat, early game exploration and other in-game mechanics that the game does not tell you directly.

The building would have various slots, you can assign a character whose HP needs healing to these slots. The character’s HP would be restored gradually every time you complete the mission. You would be required to manage your team accordingly because you would be unable to take healing characters to combat, you can however withdraw characters from the slots if they have received a bit of healing and you require them in combat. Also, check out the best classes in King Arthur Knight’s Tale so you can create the best team combinations.

How to Unlock the Hospice?

Camelot buildingsCamelot buildings
Hospice in the Map

Like all other Camelot buildings, you would be required to gather some materials to unlock the Hospice. To unlock the Hospice in King Arthur Knight’s tale, you would be required to have 500 build resources and 500 gold. Both materials can be obtained after completing missions and defeating enemies.

Hospice Upgrades In King Arthur Knight’s Tale

You can unlock various useful Hospice upgrades in King Arthur Knight’s Tale with a few building resources and gold. These upgrades would improve the features the Hospice offers, and you would be able to heal your team more efficiently. Getting Hospice Upgrades is recommended if you want your heroes to heal faster and effectively which would allow you to take them to battle when they are needed the most. There are a total of six upgrades available for hospice.


King Arthur Knight's Tale Hospice upgradesKing Arthur Knight's Tale Hospice upgrades

The Expansion upgrade can be leveled up three times, each time you level it up, one extra slot would be added to the Hospice to heal your characters. With the additional slots, you would be able to restore the vitality of your character efficiently which would allow you to use them more frequently in combat.

Having a single slot in Hospice is tedious because you would be unable to heal your heroes timely and your team would suffer in combat, so leveling up the expansion upgrade to its maximum is recommended. You would need 500 building resources and gold to get Expansion 1 upgrade, 1000 building resources, and gold to get Expansion 2 upgrade, and 1500 building resources and gold to upgrade it to Expansion 3.

Apprentice Herbalist

King Arthur Knight's Tale Hospice upgradesKing Arthur Knight's Tale Hospice upgrades
Apprentice Herbalist

To unlock the Apprentice Herbalist upgrade, you would need about 2000 gold. It’s worth spending gold to get this upgrade as getting it would raise your overall health bar by 2. The vitality increase is permanent, and you would be able to stand formidable for longer in combat. The health increase effect would apply to all heroes that you have currently unlocked in addition to future heroes that you will get in King Arthur Knight’s Tale.

Master Herbalist

The Master Herbalist is an enhanced version of the Apprentice Herbalist upgrade, The Master Herbalist well-versed in his trade would increase the vitality of every hero by 4. This additional health increase would allow you to stand even longer in combat.


Getting the medicines Hospice upgrade is recommended if you want faster healing in King Arthur Knight’s Tale. This upgrade would allow you to heal characters efficiently as it tremendously improves the healing speed. Characters would get about 50 increased healing after every mission during the free treatment mode. Heroes would get healed faster and would be ready for combat when you need them. You would need to upgrade your Rightful personality till four to get this Hospice upgrade. Also, read our King Arthur Knight’s Tale respec skills guide and learn how to reroll all spent skill points. 

Regain Vitality

Healing heroesHealing heroes
Regain Vitality

The Regain Vitality is one of the most useful Hospice upgrades. This upgrade would restore the Hp of every hero automatically when they return from a mission. About 5% of their maximum Hp would be healed of every character in your team.

Medical Tools

If you think that the quick treatment service offered by the Hospice is too expensive then you should unlock the Medical Tools upgrade. This upgrade would give you a great discount on the quick treatment cost and reduce it by 10%. With the reduced price, you would be able to save up gold while also getting your heroes ready for combat with quick treatment.

That’s all about our Hospice Upgrades in King Arthur Knight’s Tale guide, unlock these upgrades and you would not be disappointed with their healing potential and efficiency.

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