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Secret Haircare- Delivering a Range of Real Natural Haircare Products – PR Newswire

The product that has been the brand’s mainstay is the crowd-favourite Black Charm Hair Oil. Made with ingredients such as vetiver, aloe vera, bhringraj, marshmallow plant, and more, it has received rave reviews from customers marvelling at their reduced hair loss and improved hair strength. Secret’s other hair oils—Blue Lilly, for enviable hair volume, and Grey Care, for slowing premature greying—have also found their own loyal advocates among their customer base.

While there are several good organic shampoo bars available in the market, they can be a hard sell for a lot of people. After becoming accustomed to the satisfying lather that is produced by liquid shampoos, many people find it difficult to adjust to using a soap bar on their hair and scalp. Secret’s shampoos offer the happy balance of natural ingredients in joyful liquid goodness!

The Hibiscus Shampoo is designed to balance the pH of the scalp and stimulate hair growth, while the formulation in the Aloe vera Shampoo calms the scalp by reducing greasiness and dandruff, as well as removing fungal and bacterial build up. Both shampoos contain the sweet aroma of natural essential oils of tulsi and neem. 

Even as Secret expands their catalogue with products, such as the nourishing and hydrating Sattva Hair Mask and the softening and conditioning Ahuta Aloe Vera Gel  (suitable for hair and skin), Secret Hair Care are keen to hold on to their roots. This includes continuing with their vegan, cruelty free and environmentally friendly practices. 

This homegrown brand also plans to strengthen their identity as a customer-first D2C brand. Their growth as a brand, especially in South India, has been a result of the relationship they have painstakingly built with their audience. The team listens keenly to their audience’s pain points and shares personalised advice and tips. 

In a very crowded hair care market, perhaps what separates Secret as a brand is their commitment to staying completely transparent and true to their principles as an all-natural, ayurvedic brand.

About Secret Hair Care:

Founded in the year 2018, Secret Hair Care is a cruelty free, natural and home-made based brand. With a focus developed around organic products, the line of products include hair oils, shampoo’s and hair masks. Combining local methods and knowledge with natural authentic ingredients, Secret is a brand that caters to resolving various hair related issues. Products manufactured include the highest quality of ingredients that are superior with a combination of coconut oil derived directly from the mill. Delivering quality, Secret dedicates its efforts towards products that are clean, authentic and environmentally friendly. The products are available on the Secret website – delivered across India and Internationally.

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