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Herbalist relishes showcase alongside modern medicine – Chronicle

The Chronicle

Peter Matika, Senior Reporter 

ONE of the country’s leading traditional and herbal medicine manufacturers, Musimboti African Medicine, is savouring every moment the company showcased alongside providers and distributors of modern medicines at 62nd edition of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF). 

Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF)

Musimboti, which is one of the most preferred traditional and herbal medicine suppliers, offers affordable drug alternatives as per prescription.

In an interview, Musimboti African Medicine founder and CEO Mr Morgan Zimunya said he was elated to have been given the opportunity to showcase the company’s medicines. 

Musimboti African Medicine founder and CEO Mr Morgan Zimunya

“We are very happy to have been given the chance to showcase under one roof with providers of modern medicines and we all spoke in unison.

We have been waiting for this moment for a very long time.

Health is about sharing knowledge and referring patients to the best service provider.

The Traditional Medicine Act allows faith healers, herbalists, midwives, spirit mediums or all traditional medical caregivers to diagnose and treat patients for a fee,” said Mr Zimunya. 

“This has opened doors for those seeking health providers to have a wide choice under one roof.

We expect this setup we see today to be reflected in all provinces and districts soon.” 

Mr Zimunya noted that there had been a dark shadow that had been cast on traditional medicines and herbs, which had been lingering upon practitioners, but through this year’s ZITF showcase that cloud would dissipate. 

“There is a very wrong perception about the use of traditional medicines and herbs.

The very same herbs used to concoct the modern medicine we take are derived from the same herbs we shun.

It was a colonial tool formed to weaken Africans minds,” said Mr Zimunya Musimboti who also produces pills, cough mixture, eye drops, tea leaves, ointments and other medications under the Musimboti brand. 

The company is registered under the Traditional Medical Practitioners’ Council the products are licensed for commercial distribution under the Medicines and Allied Substance Control Regulations, Statutory Instrument 97:2015. 

“Musimboti is allowed to manufacture its products as complementary medicines so that they can be sold and distributed commercially.

We are a commercial brand and operate under the Standard Association of Zimbabwe which has now set standards as well as guidelines for the commercialisation of African traditional medicines,” he said.

 “We are in the process of building our capacity but our medicine is now available at selected supermarkets in Bulawayo and very soon we will be supplying our products to chain stores throughout the country so that its users can easily access it, including those seeking to use it for the first time.” 

Mr Zimunya highlighted that the use of herbal medicines has been on the rise over the years. 

Mr Zimunya said traditional medicines have been used by humankind for the treatment of various diseases long before the advent of orthodox medicine, and to this day, serve the health care needs of the majority of the population.

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He said the institute considers packaging its herbal medical properties as capsules, powder and as bottled syrup and liquid to enable it to be easily administered and handled.

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