Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Mental Health Wellness

   To GET inspired and motivated for me comes after a great depression, which again for me is cyclical. There are these constant battles of what am I doing? Is this even worth it? Why should I bother? and my favorite, Maybe I should give up! Most of my days I feel like I am in some sort of artificial simulation and I am never truly going anywhere. STAGNANT INDEFINITELY. -- The hardest part about feeling down or having negative emotions and trying to talk about it is that those you talk to feel you should just be more positive as if it is not a nagging repetitious voice saying "BE POSITIVE! "BE POSITIVE!" Over and over again. 

MENTAL HEALTH: The issue for me is not the depression or the negative emotions, or the flat-out bad days, the problem for me is the MASSES as a whole telling you that you should not feel such, or have those types of emotions. These issues are not getting better for some individuals, and drugging them or telling them to put them away is doing WORSE HARM. When did suppressing anything reap positive results? 
I will tell you guys, I stopped listening to others about my mental wellness, and I started listening to myself. The hardest step in this journey is maybe facing past traumas and confronting them. Understanding that you were never the problem, and you are not damaged. Take control and tell yourself I am worthy I also went through a terrible ordeal but that ordeal does not define me. 

Consistency is where progress and results lie. I am terrible at consistency and if you are not investing in your wellbeing daily it will be easy to fall into that dark abyss. Trust me it has happened far too often than I would have wished. 

Next, as I have mentioned STOP LISTENING TO OTHER PEOPLE. People have the tendency to give advice that reflects their personal life and "what they would do"....... What they would do is NOT what you would do or will do for that matter because YOU are YOU and THEY are THEM. Individuality is what separates us from each other, and when it comes to personal mental health issues we need to create a solution that is catered to our individuality. Therapy may work for you, for me, it did not. Let me get off-topic for a bit. I just finished the Netflix series "Freud" and the one thing that stuck out to me is when he recited a type of poem where he is a house and he goes on to say "and in me or lights, doorways, gateways, crevices, etc" I am not quoting specifically but what I am trying to say is from my personal experience only I was able to unlock doors I may have deadbolted in compartmentalization. It took me confronting things I never wanted to confront to remember things I locked away layer upon layer until I completely forgot about the experience.
    I will not say you will get better right away, but the best contentment comes from the daily results and the miniature milestones. Please celebrate them no matter how small they seem in comparison. Also because this is my holistyc.lyfe by any means necessary let me tell you some of the herbs and tinctures I use daily to help balance my mood hormones. Ashwagandha is my favorite, I use it for stress and sleep. Lemon balm tincture drops mixed in my chamomile and lavender tea help me any time of the day remain calm.

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