Monday, April 25, 2022

To promote organic products Anant Mandi organised at Gandhi Bhavan – Daily Pioneer

To connect organic products directly with people, ‘Anant Mandi’ was organized on Sunday at Gandhi Bhavan.

The objective of this programme is to establish a culture where people will be able to buy organic products from farmers and local producers and also know about them.

ANANT, in collaboration with Go Rurban brings  a Farm Fest Ananat Mandi on Sunday. It aimed to promote the practice of organic farming and kitchen gardening in urban settings and to enhance the relationship of organic farmer producers and consumers.

It is a platform being created for the common urban crowd to find healthy and sustainable alternatives for food, as against the unhealthy and inorganic food materials that they consume regularly.

The objective is to create a space for urban consumers to start “living” a healthy life and “adopt” sustainable living practices.

Farmers of Bhopal, Dewas, Itarsi, Hoshangabad, Vidisha Sihor and other districts will be participating in this market which will offer different types of food items or eco-friendly items. This programme promotes sustainable biography in a unique way, and by irrigating its energy, the society is motivated towards development. In view of the increasing enthusiasm of the people, now this mandi will be held twice a month.

The day long event will comprised of different events. There was a Mandi of organic food products, being put up by various organic farmers and kitchen gardeners in and around Bhopal. Besides, workshops and panel discussions on various aspects of the importance of organic food and variety of agriculture, by experienced organic farmers and entrepreneurs.

The Bhopalites also enjoyed organic lunch meal with different and delicious dishes. It was followed by Tambola night lot of visitors participated and took the pleasure of Anant Mandi Farm Fest.

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